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I decided to make my journal friends only

This is where I post my, icons, scans, videos and non-arashi gifs. catface

I don't bite, so feel free to add me, just drop me a comment so I can add you back hehehehe

If you just wanna be friends and are actually interested in what I'm saying, feel free to add me as a friend (as long as you leave me a comment), I'll gladly add you back
I'm always up for a chat :DD

I'm getting fed up of saiyng this, but:
I've stopped posting fics on here, I now post them HERE
Please don't add me if you just want to read fics
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Well, well, well.. look what the cat dragged in...


I know, it's been sooooooooooo long since I posted! I thought I'd give an update before it's too late! Also, sorry for not replying to the messages before and comments on my previous posts.. I feel very guilty but I'm so happy for your support *mwah mwah*

Okay, well, I'm 30 weeks now, so only 10 weeks left! SO SCARY!!!

I thought I'd post a picture of the scan, but it happened 10 weeks ago, so baby looks nothing like that anymore lol.

So, big announcement... The sex of my baby was revealed to me in my last scan. For those of you who don't know, it's a healthy, bratty BOY.

Anyway, he's kicking and moving like mad... and its actually a little creepy sometimes. I mean, his favourite time to be moving about is in the middle of the night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping, and in the morning just before I get up. He moves around so hard that my belly looks like it's possessed. He also dances, but unfortunately not to Arashi. His favourite band is actually BAP... Woooahhh... XD

He also is a ladies man; he kicks for all the girlies, but the only guy he kicks for is his daddy - who, when he comes home at 1am and just says "Hi Baby," kicks like a lunatic for a couple of hours. Apart from that, he's kicked once for his grandad and his uncle, but that's it. Only girls.

Anyway, after my horrible trip to the hospital after an incident at my antenatal appointment a few weeks ago, the midwife has advised that I go on early maternity leave. So, I'm trying to get some rest (even though sleeping now is hard work!) and spending my time baby shopping and watching The Big ang Theory DVD set on repeat.

Anyone in the are who would like to catch up, send me a message, but apart from that, I'll try to post an update before I go into hospital, and if not, I'll post a picture of him when he's born!

Hope you're all well!
Bee xxxx
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Friends list


I'm really sorry, but I think I'm going to go through my f-list and delete a lot of people. I think a lot of people only added me because of lotus_fics and I don't think thats fair. This is my private journal, and has nothing to do with my fics. If you actually want to be my friend, please talk to me, don't just add me and then don't bother with me when I add you back!!

*sad* :(

Anyway, thanks~!
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I thought I'd post.....

For some reason I'm in a really good mood xD

I have a bit of an earache though, but I'm generally pretty happy ^^

BamBam is in the office with me, and he's messing up my desk and being stinky but I still love him xD

My christmas shopping is all done, I'm just waiting for some stuff to be delivered... And I'm planning on sending off the prezzies that are going abroad on monday.. xD

Well.. That's all I have to say really....

Except that I'm FRACKING HUNGRY!!! *sob*



Okay.. time for a rant.

Well, not really a rant, I'm just a bit fed up *sigh*

I feel like bursting into tears right now, and I'm not sure why.

It might be cause I'm due on.. I have the beginnings of a tummy ache as well and I kinda wanna punch the kennel manager in the mouth and knock all of her crooked teeth out.. *GRRRR!*

I'd literally just stepped into work (bare in mind I'm in the office today, and not with the dogs) and she was like "Could you poo pick blah blah" Was like... what happened to your arms, bitch? And then she came into the office being all nice to me cause she wanted me to print off some paperwork for her.

Screeew youuuuuu *gives her the middle finger*

I just can't wait until the end of today, because then I'm off for a week, yay! I'm looking forward to the weekend *jumps for joy*

Also, yesterday, one of my earphones died, so it doesn't work unless its at a certain angle (That really pissed me off, I can't live without music!!) I have my Skullcandy headphones I suppose, and I used those today, because I don't have a chance to get a new pair of earphones until tomorrow.

And I have a hangnail. It hurts *whines and wriggles*

Okay, that's enough complaining out of me.

Have a good day ^^
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It's been a while since I posted here... Too busy!!!
Well.. a quick update..

I was in with the dogs on friday, and now I ache all over! I didn't realize how strong I was before my accident :O

On friday, I get to meet the wonderful crystal_jun who has done sooo much for me ^^ ♥ ♥

Aaaaand on Saturday, I'm going away for the weekend to Brighton with my mum  :D Can't wait!!

Also, I changed my google background again. I rule xD

Sho-chan KYA~! XD